Gulf access lots

Deals available in buyers market If you are considering building a home in Florida on the water, now is a great time to secure a great deal on a piece of property. The lot inventory has grown considerably and buyers have the leverage right now to negotiate a favorable purchase. With several hundred miles of gulf access canals, Cape Coral is on of the most affordable waterfront communities in Southwest Florida. Most gulf access lots in Cape Coral are .25 acres and are located on canals that are a minimum of 80 feet wide. Lots that are larger or located at intersecting canals or basins generally sell for a premium. 1504nw33rdplOne of the best deals on a gulf access lot in Cape Coral is 1504 NW 33rd Place, listed at $224,900. This parcel is located in Unit 60 in northwest Cape Coral and is .25 acres.415se29thter Another gulf access lot deal is 415 SE 29th Terrace, listed at $269,900. This lot is located in Unit 26 in Southeast Cape Coral and is .248 acres. Here is a resource to view available Cape Coral gulf access lots.

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