Florida foreigner friendly

15 percent of Florida buyers are international

A new study conducted by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 15 percent of Florida home sales are to international buyers.

Foreign buyer activity was concentrated in the following markets: Miami-Fort Lauderdale (30.4%); followed by Orlando (22.7%); Naples-Fort Myers (13.7%); Tampa- St. Petersburg (9.9%); Sarasota (9.9%) and West Palm Beach (5.8%). Only 7.6 percent of foreign buyers bought homes elsewhere in the state.

Although international buyers in Florida represented over 100 countries, nearly a third are from the United Kingdom. A third of international buyers were also from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

In an attempt to attract new buyers from Asia, several new Miami condo projects have Asian names. One such project planned for the "Millionaires Row" on South Beach is Mei, which is named for the mythical Chinese symbol for beauty.

Locally, interest from European buyers remains strong as previously commented by Gulf Returns in March. The pending opening of the new Midfield Terminal at the Southwest Florida International Airport provides significantly more gate space that should prove attractive to international carriers.

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