Extreme home selling

Builder giveaways help seal the deal

What is a builder to do when new home inventories start to grow........well according to this CNN/Money article they are including creative giveaways.

My favorite giveaway is the the dual mode toilet that has a dual flush buttons, a water saving feature of course. Now if it could only put the seat down automatically as well.

I haven't seen too many really interesting giveaways yet in SW Florida where some developers of gated communities are still asking for lot premiums. I expect to see these premiums fade away and buyer incentives to start being included in the deal.

There is an lot buyer sending out postcards offering a free trip to a resort location if you sell him your lot. I haven't taken advantage of this offer, as it would mess up my the ROI column on my investing spreadsheet.

Extreme home selling [CNN/Money]

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