Biking in Cape Coral

cape coral bicycle routes If you’re looking for an entirely new way to explore Cape Coral, you may just want to head out on two wheels. Biking is a great way to see the region, whether you choose from one of the existing trails or create an entirely new route as you go. Luckily, the city makes it easy for you with a series of routes mapped out on its website. In fact, the local Parks and Rec has a full 90 miles of interconnected bike routes that lead bikers throughout the area, complete with descriptions of some of the highlights you’ll likely uncover along the way. That’s pretty impressive considering that the city is only 122 square miles in size. These routes not only border canals and marinas, but nature preserves, too, giving riders a true adventure, no matter which direction you head. It’s also possible to experience the beauty of the Caloosahatchee River, or overlook one of the neighboring golf courses on two wheels. This bike-friendly city has eight dedicated bike routes, each with informational maps, signage and kiosks that help highlight some of the landmarks you’ll see and experience. As well, it’s even possible to pair biking with other regional experiences, including kayaking, bird watching, walking or even tennis as you travel. For those who don’t come with their own bikes, rentals are easily available, whether you want to bike for a few hours or even a few weeks. Recently, Cape Coral began looking into making the city even more bike and pedestrian-friendly, with a multi-million dollar project aimed at investing in the safety of citizens and visitors. The aim is to create a more than 200-mile network of bike and pedestrian-friendly roadways throughout the city, translating into even more opportunities for cycling in Cape Coral in a fun and more secure way.

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