Economic Optimism along Daniels Corridor in Fort Myers

Porsche Fort Myers Plenty of good news for the local economy emanating these days out of the Fort Myers Daniels Corridor.  Recent positive announcements for this key commercial and residential corridor include Gartner's plans to create 200 new high quality jobs, Comcast's plans to consolidate and grow SW Florida customer service in Fort Myers, ongoing progress with the new Red Sox stadium and the opening of a new Porsche dealership.  When these announcements are viewed collectively there is much reason for optimism about this key Fort Myers corridor. What excites me is that these three economic developments are contributing to the local economy in sectors outside of traditional residential construction.  A healthy economic future for Fort Myers depends on diversifying away from strict dependence on residential construction growth. Some of the finest Fort Myers neighborhoods are located along Daniels Corridor.  This area is popular with golfers and home to several fantastic golfing communities including Fiddlesticks, Renaissance, Olde Hickory and The Legends.  The master-planned Gateway community is located at the eastern end of the Daniels Corridor and is the closest neighborhood to the new Red Sox stadium. Here is a resource to learn more about Daniels Corridor real estate.

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