Doctor Says Fort Myers Real Estate Market Is Healthy

The Fort Myers real estate market went in to see the doctor today for its annual check-up.  The doctor poked, prodded, measured……ran all the usual tests and proclaimed, "you look good and healthy to me."  The Fort Myers real estate market sheepishly asked back, "what about the cancer, triple bypass and renal failure that I suffered in 2007, 2008 and 2009……I was in very rough shape."  The doctor said, "forget about your past problems… are completely healed and ready to live life to the max!" So there you have it folks, the doctor says that the Fort Myers real estate market is healed! In other Fort Myers real estate news, the Housing Market Recovery Index issued today by RealtyTrac ranked the Cape Coral/Fort Myers market second in the nation for recovering, trailing only Rochester New York!  Factors cited for this lofty ranking for Fort Myers include  strong home price increases, a high percentage of cash and institutional investor purchases and sharp decreases in foreclosure activity. The Fort Myers real estate buzzwords have changed from foreclosure, short sale and $##%@$$ Bank of America to multiple offers, best and final and inventory shortages.  Our team has boots on the ground throughout Southwest Florida and is ready to assist both buyers and sellers of Fort Myers real estate.  We can help with both new construction and resale properties throughout the Greater Fort Myers area. realtytrac housing recovery index

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