Craigs List real estate

Fee for real estate listings

Craigs List has not yet taken off in the Ft. Myers market the way it has in other cities like San Francisco, New York and Boston. I expect this to change as more SW Floridians discover the site and realize that property can be advertised for FREE. Currently, there are 1086 postings on the Craigs List Ft. Myers Housing section.

Craigs List is about to monetize its real estate listing success in New York City by charging a nominal fee of less than $10 per posting. Considering the costs associated with other advertising alternatives, this is still a great deal.
The changes are meant to instill discipline in cluttered categories. But they're a good example of how Craigslist, which practically goes out of its way not to cash in, is causing major heartache in the newspaper business. Craigslist's numbers are mind-boggling. Ten million Craigslist users click on an estimated 6.5 million classified postings each month at 190 local sites in 35 countries, generating three billion page views.
Wanted: Some hope for newspapers [CNN/Money]

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