Condo frenzy in Cape

Buyers line up for units tarpon landings pool Have you tried to buy a pre-construction condo recently in Cape Coral? Not an easy thing to do even with a pocket full of cash.

In a market about as efficient as communist Russia, developers are using various techniques including waiting lists, hyped kick-off events and strict inventory control to create a buzz about their new developments. Some buyers desperate for a piece of the action are putting down deposits without even knowing the final price or other details about their new investment. Sales opened with a boom today for condominiums at the Isles of Porto Vista that will be part of the upscale Entrada development in northeast Cape Coral. Cars with eager buyers streamed into the Porto Vista condominium neighborhood on Southwest 50th Street area for the event. Some waited overnight for the sales office to open, bringing to mind similar scenes at Tarpon Landings. Condo frenzy in Cape: Buyers line up for units [News-Press]

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