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Barnes & Noble passing on Cape Coral

In a head scratcher, Barnes & Noble has rejected a plan to build a store in Cape Coral at Pine Island and Pandella Roads. The national bookstore chain cites demographic shortfalls as the reason for bypassing the Cape.

Seemingly the Cape doesn't measure up to Barnes & Noble standards for a new store in key demographic categories including income levels, education and entertainment spending. As Barnes & Noble utilizes a 15 minute driving radius for their demographic analysis, many of the high-end gulf access Cape neighborhoods in the Southwest like Tarpon Point, Cape Harbour and the Hermitage are outside the range of this Northeast location.

As most new Barnes & Noble stores include a Starbucks coffee bar, frequent readers of Gulf Returns can sense the disappointment in my text today as my quest will have to continue for a Starbucks in Cape Coral. My money is still on the Shops of Sandoval as the location for the Cape's first Starbucks.

Bookstore in Cape doesn't add up [News-Press]

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