Chiquita talent show

Model home beauty pageant emerges in Cape Coral

Lined-up like contestants in the Miss America Pageant, over 50 developer model homes now line Chiquita Boulevard between Cape Coral Parkway and Pine Island Road. Even though I have driven down this part of Chiquita hundreds of times, I still get excited to see the seemingly endless string of prospective buyers swarming to these models.

If you check out some of these models, try not to fall in love as most are decked-out to the nines with extras and will set you back many more shekels than the standard builder home that starts around $270,000 in Cape Coral.

As a vacant land investor, I have focused much of my activity in the units located along the Chiquita corridor. The way I see it, after spending time in the model home center picking out the perfect house, customers will look at vacant lots close to the Chiquita models before venturing afar to find a lot. This strategy has proven to be a winner and worked well for me.

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