Chicago developer coming

26 acre retail & business center at Veterans & Surfside

Like most guys, I am not one to get excited about more places to shop, but the development announcement on Tuesday by Dodge Capital, LLC has caught my attention.

Chicago-based Dodge Capital, LLC is developing a 26 acre parcel at the NW corner of the Veterans Parkway and Surfside Boulevard intersection.

The development will be called the Shops of Sandoval and will include a three story office building, and space for a bank, small box stores, small shops and a drive-through coffee shop. (No word yet from our Seattle friends about Cape plans.....but it can't be too much longer)

With all the growth in the Northwest Cape and Veterans Parkway serving as the primary access route, the Shops of Sandoval is well positioned for success. It sure is exciting to see the transformation of this slice of Cape Coral with the construction underway at Sandoval and now this announcement.

Developer unveils project for Cape [News-Press]

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