Casa Del Rio on Auction Block

Casa Del Rio, the home of former WCI Chairman and former Ambassador to Portugal Al Hoffman, is on the auction block.  Hoffman was also Chairman of the Republican Nation Committee and his Gulf Harbour riverfront home has hosted fundraisers and been visited by presidential candidates including George W. Bush and John McCain. Many consider Casa Del Rio to be the finest home in Fort Myers, but is it just too much house for this town?  Casa Del Rio has been on the market since November 2005 when it was originally listed for $17M.  The price was been reduced twice to $14.9M but no takers over a four plus years it was on the market. The auction is scheduled for March 13, 2010 and will be conducted by Daniel DeCaro Real Estate Auctions.  It is an absolute auction, so the house will be sold.  If you are interested, the 2009 property tax bill on this home was $56,085.73 and HOA fees totaled $2,668/month. No speculation on a buyer, but my money is on Tom Werner, the Chairman of the Boston Red Sox.  If this does come to fruition, I called it in 2006!

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