Cape Coral Ranked One of the Least Sinful Cities

Las Vegas may commonly be called “Sin City”, but if you’re looking for a place that’s more saintly than sinful, you may want to turn your attention to Cape Coral. The Southwest Florida city was just named one of the least sinful cities in America.

The new ranking comes from personal finance website WalletHub, which released the ranking as part of its “Most Sinful Cities in America” listing. It’s probably no surprise that the original Sin City of Las Vegas topped the list, followed by Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

While typically you might be interested in finding a city that ranks high in certain categories, those more interested in staying far away from a Vegas lifestyle can take heart in knowing that Cape Coral came in virtually at the bottom of this list. Cape Coral was 175 out of a total of 182 cities.

To flip the ranking, that means Cape Coral was almost at the top in terms of the nation’s “least sinful” cities. Port St Lucie ranked as the fifth “least sinful”. So, what exactly makes a city “sinful”?

According to WalletHub, it’s how a city performs in seven different behavioral categories, including lust, greed, vanity, excesses/vices, anger/hatred, laziness, and jealousy. Metrics within those seven categories were assigned a numerical value. 

Analysts considered things such as the number of violent crimes, thefts and fraud, along with obesity and fast-food establishments, the share of smokers and coffee drinkers, the number of casinos and adult entertainment establishments, as well as the perceived interest in undergoing plastic surgery. They also considered the high school dropout rate, the volunteer rate, and the share of grownups who don’t exercise.

While Cape Coral was one of the least sinful, Miami took the ninth spot in terms of the most sinful cities. Orlando was 12th, Tampa came in at 26, and Fort Lauderdale followed not far behind at 31.

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