Cape Coral Ranked as One of Safest Cities in the US

Photo: Duluoz Cats

Location and views are certainly a consideration when it comes to finding a new place to call home, but so is safety. When it comes to a Cape Coral lifestyle, you gain all three.

The city was recently ranked one of the “Safest Cities in America” by WalletHub. According to the financial website, Cape Coral comes in at number 16 on the list, making it the only Florida city to land in the top 20.

WalletHub came up with the ranking by comparing dozens of key safety indicators in 182 cities. The idea was to rank the places where WalletHub analysts say Americans can feel the most secure. 

As part of the ranking, those with WalletHub compared everything from assaults to traffic fatalities, the number of uninsured to the unemployment rate. Cape Coral’s high ranking was helped by its showing in the category of Home & Community Safety.

The city ranked number six in that category, with a number one ranking signifying the safest. The broad category was worth the most points overall, and considered the crime rate, as well as the number of paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement employees.

It also took into the account the “perception of safety”, such as the safety of walking alone during the day or night. Other main categories for the ranking focused on each city’s natural disaster risk, and each city’s financial safety. Behind Cape Coral, the next highest ranked Florida city was Pembroke Pines, which took the 30th spot.

In a separate list, the PropertyClub website analyzed crime rates over a three-year span for cities and towns solely in Florida. In that list, Cape Coral also came out close to the top and was deemed the “safest large city in Florida”. According to PropertyClub, the violent crime rate in Cape Coral is nearly 70% lower than the national average.

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