Cape Coral property values

The lure of waterfront property

Property values vary widely in Cape Coral and are most impacted by the properties relative location to water. Riverfront and salt water canal front property in Cape Coral are located in the Southeast and Southwest sections of the city. It is these neighborhoods that command the highest price premiums.

A recent News-Press survey of home sales detailed the range of home prices in Cape Coral. The highest priced area was the Southeast in zip code 33904 with an average selling price of $391,794. The second highest area was zip code 33914 in Southwest Cape Coral with an average price of $350,756.

The more affordable Cape Coral neighborhoods were in zip code 33909, north of Pine Island Road and east of Santa Barbara Boulevard with an average price of $227,000 and in zip code 33990 between Hancock Bridge and Veterans Parkway with an average price of $287,111.

Housing prices vary by ZIP [News-Press]

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