Cape Coral is Florida’s Safest City

marina south at cape harbour cape coral Often lured to the city by its waterfront setting, fantastic natural scenery and plentiful opportunities, it seems Cape Coral has yet another way of attracting new residents. According to a newly released poll, Cape Coral can also boast that it’s the safest city in the entire state. That’s according to the latest results of a Gallup poll compiled by the financial website WalletHub. Analysts took data from more than 180 cities across the nation, and then compared them by dozens of different safety-oriented indicators. Those indicators included everything from actual crime to road quality and the local unemployment rate, folding things like personal security and personal safety into the mix. When every category was analyzed, Cape Coral came in at an admirable 22 on the list, qualifying it as among the top 25 “Safest Cities in America”. Breaking the results down even further, Cape Coral received a rank of five for “Home & Community Safety”, while the city received lower scores for categories such as “Natural Disaster Risk” and “Financial Safety”. This was enough for Cape Coral to easily take the number one spot for Florida, with WalletHub’s ranking making it the safest city in the state, at least according to its analysis. The next Florida city to make the list was Port S. Lucie in the number 52 spot, while Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Hialeah, Tampa and Miami also made the cut. Along with exploring the many canals and the Caloosahatchee River, a Cape Coral lifestyle also affords the privilege of living close to nature preserves, marinas, numerous golf courses and endless entertainment for those of all ages. This lively community is filled with opportunities, with a range of options sure to appeal to those in search of a waterfront, boating lifestyle within what’s just been deemed the State of Florida’s safest city.

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