Cape Coral Hot for Baby Boomers

cape coral boating Cape Coral is certainly an exceptional place to call home, and its especially hot right now for baby boomers. According to research complied by the website, baby boomers are easily inspired by the area for a variety of reasons. This isn’t surprising, as Florida overall ranks extremely high with baby boomers. According to the study, the state is home to six of the top ten metro areas for baby boomers, with Cape Coral coming in at a respectable number eight on the list of the hottest markets. Researchers credit some of that to the wants and desires of baby boomers, specifically those who are in search of a low maintenance lifestyle and interested in living near things like golf courses. That’s a big part of many 55+ communities in Southwest Florida. Separate research suggests that baby boomers are not surprisingly in search of a quiet community, preferably with a single-story, single-family home as an option. While some prefer to stay where they’re at, other studies point to data showing that about 40-percent of older adults would actually consider moving again, translating to millions upon millions of new buyers from this generation alone. Some of the top wants and needs of baby boomers include community affordability, the abundance of amenities and the desirability of lesser maintenance in a home and property. Many are also looking for a walk-able community, abundant services and simply a warmer environment, which Cape Coral certainly delivers. No matter the reason for moving to Cape Coral it’s evident that the area is a hot location for baby boomers, and one in the midst of development. Projected as also being a hot market for jobs in the future, that’s translating to new opportunities available for those of all ages, especially baby boomers who are understandably drawn to the area for various reasons.

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