Cape Coral Has Great Air Quality

cape_coral_canals_aerial Where do you live in the U.S. if you have asthma? Answer: Cape Coral and anywhere in the Fort Myers area. WebMD and have Cape Coral ranked #1 as the best city in America for people with asthma. Why is Cape Coral a haven for asthmatics and others who suffer from respiratory problems? A few reasons: The weather is not as cold and tends to be consistent, which helps people suffering from respiratory illnesses. Other reasons: consistent pollen cycles and little to no air pollution helps as well. In its State of the Air 2013 report, The American Lung Association gives Cape Coral-Fort Myers-Naples, a grade of “A” to its ozone and its air quality. Cape Coral-Fort Myers ranks #1 for cleanest metropolitan area in the country for ozone, #1 cleanest 24-hour pollution and #20 for cleanest metro area in the nation for annual particle pollution.

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