Cape Coral Gated Communities

cape_royal One of the most active search terms on my Southwest Florida real estate website is the phrase "Cape Coral gated communities."  Every month hundreds Google this phrase in their quest to learn more about gated communities in Cape Coral. What is it about cape Coral gated communities that draws so many property shoppers? One of the challenges in Southwest Florida's most populous city is an overabundance of cookie-cutter plated neighborhoods laid out in a grid that look the same block after block......street after street.  Gated communities bring a sense of change to Cape Coral with a more natural and flowing feel.  Many gated communities are richly landscaped and have lakes and other water features that add a sense of beauty to the neighborhood.  Walking, jogging and biking paths are often an amenity found in a gated community and offer residents a place to both exercise and socialize. Gated communities often have deed restrictions which help to uphold property values by placing restrictions on what can be stored or parked in a yard, and changes that can be made to the property.  Most gated communities also have city utilities in-place, removing the uncertainty over future expense that is impacting so much of Cape Coral.  Gated communities also restrict access, offering a level of security not available in other parts of the city. With large parcels of land in limited supply due to its plated layout, Cape Coral has significantly fewer gated communities than other Southwest Florida communities like Fort Myers, Estero and Naples. Luxury gated communities in Cape Coral include Cape Harbour, Tarpon Point and the Hermitage.  These communities are located in the Southwest corner of the Cape and offer wonderful deep-water boating opportunities. Family friendly gated communities include Heatherwood Lakes and Coral Lakes.  Both have an inventory of larger four and five bedroom homes designed to accommodate growing families. Upscale gated communities include Sandoval and Cape Royal.  Sandoval is known for its with its resort-style amenities and Cape Royal is recognized as the Cape's only country club community.

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