Canadians Eyeing Fort Myers 2nd Homes

Canadians buyers have flocked to the Fort Myers area this winter in great numbers.  Our team has worked with more Canadian buyers this season than any in recent memory.  Our low property prices, coupled with the strong Canadian dollar and crummy winter weather have been the key drivers in encouraging Canadians to buy a second home in Fort Myers this winter. A recent article by Reuters titled Housing Market Attracting Bargain-hunters cited a Bank of Montreal study that one in five Canadians would consider buying U.S. property. The Fort Myers area is attractive to Canadians due to our tropical climate.  With average annual temperatures in the low 70s, their is a high-degree of certainty that it will be warm when you come to visit your 2nd home in Fort Myers.  This big difference vs. other locations further north in Florida that do not have as warm winters as we have. If you have considered buying a second home in Florida, here is a book available on Amazon that may be helpful to Canadian buyers:

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