Brightwater Coming To North Fort Myers

brightwater north fort myers Brightwater, a planned lagoon community of more than 1,300 homes in North Fort Myers, will have a unique feature for residents: waterfront amenities. Not just any water amenities, but this water feature will be gigantic! It will be the equivalent of eight football fields put together, but showcase a crystal-clear blue lagoon reminiscent of the Bahamas made possible by Crystal Lagoons water technology. This oversized lagoon will bring residents of Brightwater together. They will socialize around conversation pools, swim, sail, kayak, and paddleboard. Tampa-based Metro Development Group is leading the team behind Brightwater in North Fort Myers. The developers will use Crystal lagoons water technology to enhance the ambiance of this residential community. The technology was first developed in the early 2000s by real estate developers to create vast bodies of water with clear blue clarity in resort areas in different parts of the world. Metro is the first U.S. developer to have a pure crystal aquamarine lagoon license. Brightwater is the first site in the United States to feature this enormous lagoon in the center of the community. It will build approximately 300 homes a year. Home prices are expected to start in the mid-$200s. Brightwater is located east of I-75 and north of Bayshore on both sides of Pritchett Parkway. There will be one giant clear pool in the heart of the community, and at least two white sand beaches---one for families and one for active adults. There will be adjacent areas for yoga, social gatherings around fire pits, a water slide for children, and a bar serving adult beverages for the adults. The technology uses a water-cleaning system and consumes less energy, fewer chemicals, and less water than a similarly sized park. These lagoons originated in Chile, and feature ultrasound pulse technology to keep water clean and a vibrant Bahamas Island blue. Metro Development Group hopes the concept of crystal lagoons will become a niche to distinguish itself among builders when adding amenities to master-planned communities.

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