Bonita Beach Dog Park

theo at the beach

A Southwest Florida lifestyle isn’t just for people. Some of the region’s four-legged friends and family members have plenty of options for their own fun and recreation. While not every stretch of sand in the area is pet-friendly, the Bonita Beach Dog Park is designed to appeal to people and their pets. You’ll find plenty of sunshine and plenty of shade.

Another plus for the park is that the water is extremely clear and there’s plenty of space for dogs to run around off-leash in the warm, calm water and on the sand. A sandbar makes a great place to take a rest and simply enjoy the relaxed surroundings.

While you can’t see the beach from the road, it’s easy to follow signs leading from the free parking lot. During high tide you may even have to wade through the water a bit.

Luckily, most dogs love to splash and play in the water so this makes it a great location to have some fun. You can also reach the beach by boat.

When you go, keep in mind there aren’t any fences to contain your pet, but it’s a fantastic place to roam free and explore. While your dog runs around, you can even do some fishing at the park, but remember to purchase a fishing license ahead of time.

You won’t find permanent restrooms or lifeguards at the park but you will find added extras like the doggie shower station. It’s up to owners to help pick up after their pets and keep the park clean, although some local volunteers maintain the beach.

The dog park sits on a stretch of stand just outside of Lovers Key State Park. You’ll find it a few miles south of Fort Myers Beach, to the north of Bonita Beach Road.

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