Bimini Basin Project Excites Cape Coral

bimini basin cape coral With Florida amenities like sun and water, the city of Cape Coral is moving forward to develop a destination at the Bimini Basin and create a high quality of life for both residents and visitors, as well as ensure protections for the environment. This ideal waterfront location will include a mixed-use commercial center and put in place a marina, retail shops, boardwalk, green space and water features on the west side of the Bimini Basin; on the east side, there will be residential living, mostly single-family neighborhoods. This will be a collaborative venture between public and private partnerships. More than 300 people showed up for the final presentation on the Bimini Basin project by planners from the University of South Florida’s (USF) School of Architecture and Community Design, which is working with the city of Cape Coral to lead this project. A large interactive model created by the USF Design Team was the focal point of the presentation. The interactive model remains in the lobby of City Council offices for viewing. The USF team plans to include feedback from the public during the review process and incorporate ideas in its final plans for the project. The USF Team integrated feedback from the public to create The Bridging the Gap concept, which is a major hub to include the public’s wish for a town center, a geographic identity, connectivity, contemporary buildings, spaces for business, a larger job market and a place for recreation, live-work opportunities, residential areas and an entertainment district with boardwalks and bridges. Additionally, the public wanted an environmentally friendly project, and USF delivered The Green Thread that will provide shade, clean oxygen and water features to collect and filter Florida’s abundant rainfall. The walkability of the project with boardwalks and bridges extends the need to cut down on air pollution from cars as well as reduce urban noise to satisfy a desire for peaceful sounds and a happier lifestyle. Here is a resource to view active Bimini Basin real estate listings. Now is a good time to invest before this project is launched.

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