Bell Tower Shops Getting a Makeover

bell tower shops An already popular dining and shopping spot in Fort Myers is about to a get a whole new look. Currently in line for a makeover, plans call for making The Bell Tower Shops into a more attractive outdoor shopping and entertainment destination for area residents and visitors alike. Redevelopment plans call for adding in new gathering areas and landscaping to the property, plus better and more modern lighting, new paint and some redesigned storefronts. The renovation tips off this month, meaning shoppers may soon start to see some of the new improvements around the property, though it’s not publicly known how long the overall makeover of the longstanding property will take. Found at US 41 and Daniels Parkway, the Bell Tower Shops is by all accounts a landmark destination in the Fort Myers area. The open-air shopping center provides for a variety of unique boutiques, mixed in with major retailers and some specialty dining options. Some of the retail favorites include Williams Sonoma, Talbots, Driftwood Blue and Anchored. Meanwhile, dining options range from an oyster bar to brick oven pizza, a sushi lounge to a bistro, with an array of indoor and outdoor dining possibilities available within the development of the Bell Tower Shops. As well, the property also boasts a cinema complex and a full range of events and special activities planned throughout the year, from art fairs to live concerts. Altogether, the entertainment offerings, shops and restaurants combine to form what’s dubbed an “all-inclusive” experience. It’s hoped that the new makeover draws even more visitors and guests into the center, making the location more visually appealing and perhaps offering up some convenience as well. Some suggest in the future the shopping center may even add in valet parking, adding to the overall enjoyment of the Fort Myers shopping and dining destination.

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