Attention Investors: Cape Coral Income Property Opportunities

Since its early beginnings, Cape Coral has been an attractive location for real estate investors.  With relatively affordable property prices, a tight rental inventory and a growing pool of renters,  it is possible for real estate investors to generate positive cash flow for their Cape Coral investments. A big positive for investors is that much of the housing stock in Cape Coral is not inside the gates of a communities with high HOA fees that eat into investor returns.  Also, Cape Coral has aggressive code enforcement policies, which helps to protect the integrity of rental-intensive neighborhoods and your investment property. Over the past couple of years, investors have been aggressively buying up lower-priced single-family homes in Cape Coral ad renting them out to the growing pool of residents that cannot currently qualify for a mortgage.  Investors are also attracted to Cape Coral multi-family property that is available throughout the city.  Duplex buildings with two or three bedrooms per side are also very popular for real estate investors in Cape Coral. If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities in Cape Coral, here is a resource to view the current inventory of active Cape Coral income properties currently listed for sale.

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