Affordable Sailboat Access Homes in Cape Coral

sailboat_access_canal While sailboat access in Naples means spending over $20M on a Port Royal estate…….sailors looking to park their boat out back can comfortably score a home in Cape Coral for under $300,000.  Currently, there are even a couple of sailboat access homes still left in the Cape for under $200,000.  These budget-friendly sailboat access homes are not going to have stainless/granite and media rooms, but they will definitely have a dock for your sailboat! Although Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals that run through the city, only a limited subset of these offer direct sailboat access to the Gulf.  While the Gold Coast and the Yacht Club are the best known sailboat access neighborhoods, some other areas of the Cape with sailboat access include: If you are interested in exploring sailboat access ownership options in Cape Coral, here is a resource which offers a consolidated view of all Cape Coral sailboat access homes currently available for sale.  Our team is available to provide information-rich, low pressure assistance with you Southwest Florida home search.

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